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Mission, Vision, & Values


Welcome to United Gymnastix, a multi-faceted facility whose goal is for children to achieve their highest potential in the sport of gymnastics, while developing both mentally and physically. Our diversified programs have been structured to accommodate students of all levels from the very beginner up through the very advanced.The class sizes are small, allowing for more individualized attention as well as promoting a safe and healthy learning environment. United's large gymnasium is fully equipped to stimulate and challenge every level student.


From our two-year-old "Super Tots" to our highly competitive team athletes, United offers a myriad of opportunities for all to enjoy physical activity, regardless of ability. Studies show that children who exercise - even if it's so much fun that they don't know they are exercising! - are more likely to develop a life-long interest in fitness and health. The challenges of gymnastics develop coordination needed for other sports, too; as well as sharpen mental focus. Many of our students say their gymnastics experiences taught them to rationalize and conquer fears, plus helped them learn to set realistic goals...and then to work hard toward accomplishing them!


Our Safety Certified Staff are caring professionals whose number one priority is to see that your child is getting the most out of their gymnastics experience. You will often see a reluctant child coaxed out onto the floor for a first class and minutes later having a great time. At United, we know how to make gymnastics a fun activity, while increasing coordination, body awareness, strength, flexibility and self-confidence.

You are welcome to drop your child off or stay and watch their progress in our spacious and comfortable observation area.


12300 Owings Mills Blvd

Reisterstown, MD 21136

Phone: 410.526.3527

email: [email protected]